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  • Detective Conan

    1996Year 8.24Score 548Rating
    Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a dist...
  • Black Clover

    2017Year 7.16Score 169Rating
    Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the same church on the same day. Raised together as children, they came to know of the "Wizard King"—a title given to the strongest mage in the kingdom—and promised that they would compete against each other for the pos...
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    2017Year 6.44Score 289Rating
    Following the successful end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Konohagakure has been enjoying a period of peace, prosperity, and extraordinary technological advancement. This is all due to the efforts of the Allied Shinobi Forces and the village's Seventh ...
  • One Piece

    1999Year 8.53Score 37Rating
    Gol D. Roger was known as the "Pirate King," the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. His last words before his death revealed th...
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

    2020Year 8.19Score 1770Rating
    Third season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.
  • Appare-Ranman!

    2020Year 7.18Score 5635Rating
    During the back-end of the 19th century, the genius but socially awkward engineer Sorano Appare and the wise yet cowardly samurai Isshiki Kosame find themselves drifting in the sea between Japan and America. With no money, the duo decide to enter the Tran...
  • No Guns Life

    2019Year 7.02Score 1163Rating
    The technology to create powerful cyborg soldiers has been released for public use by the Berühren Corporation. Those outfitted with robotic parts are known as the Extended. Juuzou Inui, one such Extended, was created as a soldier and has no memories of ...
  • Houkago Teibou Nisshi

    2020Year 6.96Score 7438Rating
    Hina Tsurugi is a first year student at a coastal high school and regards herself as an indoorsy sort of person. Walking along the embankment, she runs into an older schoolmate, Kuroiwa, who invites her to join the “Teibou” club and start fishing! Sur...
  • Shadowverse

    2015Year 11572Rating
    Assorted animated videos for Cygames' Shadowverse digital TCG. Japanese and English versions of these animated features were released on the same day on Cygames' official YouTube channel and at a later date on the Shadowverse's official YouTube channel.
  • Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho

    2018Year 6.7Score 2727Rating
    Are you a victim of unwanted spirit possession? Is there a ghost you need sent up and away...or down to burn for all eternity? If the answer is yes, then you need Muhyo and Roji, experts in magic law. Serving justice to evil spirits is their specialty. (S...
  • Kitsutsuki Tanteidokoro

    2020Year 6.64Score 7187Rating
    A ghost was seen on the 12th floor of the Asakusa Juunikai building. A newspaper article featuring the sighting brought together Takuboku Ishikawa, who runs a private detective agency to support his family, and his assistant Kyosuke Kindaichi to solve the...
  • Princess Connect! Re:Dive

    The protagonist wakes up with no memories in an unfamiliar location. The protagonist then meets girls and comes closer to uncovering a hidden mystery. (Source: ANN)
  • Shachou, Battle no Jikan Desu!

    2020Year 5.48Score 11171Rating
    Shachou, Battle no Jikan Desu! is based on a strategy role-playing game of the same name, set in an alternative world where the player acts as the "president" to recruit and train adventurers. The adventurers are then dispatched into dungeons to fight mon...
  • Gleipnir

    2020Year 6.84Score 4466Rating
    Kagaya Shuuichi is an ordinary high school kid in a boring little town. But when a beautiful classmate is caught in a warehouse fire, he discovers a mysterious power: he can transform into a furry dog with an oversized revolver and a zipper down his back....