Genre Demons anime nyaa

  • 07-Ghost

    2009Year 7.32Score 662Rating
    Barsburg Empire's Military Academy is known for training elites who bring victory to the empire. Students of the academy freely utilize an ability called "Zaiphon" to fight, while the types of Zaiphon usable depends on the nature of the soldier. Teito Kle...
  • Gabriel DropOut

    2017Year 7.56Score 384Rating
    For centuries, Heaven has required its young angels to live and study among humans in order to become full-fledged angels. This is no different for top-of-her-class Gabriel White Tenma, who believes it is her mission to be a great angel who will bring hap...
  • Fukigen na Mononokean

    2016Year 7.45Score 1274Rating
    The start of Hanae Ashiya's high school career has not been easy—he has spent all of the first week in the infirmary, and his inexplicable condition is only getting worse. The cause of his torment is the mysterious fuzzy creature that has attached itsel...
  • Dance with Devils

    2015Year 6.61Score 1455Rating
    Ritsuka Tachibana has always been a good student, so she is completely shocked when she is suddenly summoned by the student council. Even more, they seem to think of Ritsuka as a troublemaker. Led by the handsome Rem Kaginuki, the student council—also c...
  • D.Gray-man Hallow

    2016Year 7.85Score 848Rating
    Despite the recent Akuma attack, the members of the Black Order are in high spirits as they set about moving to a new base. Immediately upon his arrival, however, Allen Walker is suddenly called by the Central Agency and has his arm forcefully sealed by t...
  • Blood Lad

    2013Year 7.45Score 183Rating
    Staz Charlie Blood is a powerful vampire who rules the Eastern district of Demon World. According to rumors, he is a bloodthirsty and merciless monster, but in reality, Staz is just an otaku obsessed with Japanese culture and completely uninterested in hu...
  • Sengoku Choujuu Giga: Kou

    2016Year 5.88Score 5599Rating
    The history, either daily life or life stories of Sengoku warriors, is described using animals. We invite popular young actors and unique casts to voice out those Sengoku warriors while joking about them. An anime that teases Japan's history and Sengoku w...
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard

    2011Year 7.15Score 2309Rating
    Cardfight!! Vanguard features a world where the game Cardfight!! Vanguard is becoming the latest craze among trading card games, becoming a part of everyday life for people all over the world. The game is not limited to Earth alone; battles between the cr...
  • Manaria Friends

    2019Year 6.69Score 1443Rating
    Mysteria Academy is a prestigious magic school that teaches magic without discrimination to the three factions (men, gods, demons), who usually are engaged in battle with each other. Two of the academy's students are Anne, a princess and honor student, an...
  • Dororo

    2019Year 8.22Score 227Rating
    The greedy samurai lord Daigo Kagemitsu’s land is dying, and he would do anything for power, even renounce Buddha and make a pact with demons. His prayers are answered by 12 demons who grant him the power he desires by aiding his prefecture's growth, bu...
  • Hakyuu Houshin Engi

    2018Year 5.64Score 3540Rating
    When his clan is wiped out by a beautiful demon, young Taikobo finds himself in charge of the mysterious Houshin Project. Its mission: find all immortals living in the human world and seal them away forever. But who do you trust—and whose side are you r...
  • High School DxD Hero

    2018Year 7.43Score 533Rating
    The fourth season of High School DxD.
  • Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

    2018Year 7.59Score 1504Rating
    Female college student Aoi inherited her deceased grandfather's ability to see ayakashi. One day, while Aoi is feeding some ayakashi, a demon appears! He declares that Aoi's grandfather owed a great debt, and as compensation, Aoi must marry the demon! Aoi...
  • Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

    2013Year 7.39Score 332Rating
    Fifteen years have passed since the war between humans and demons began. Dissatisfied with their slow advance into the Demon Realm, the Hero abandons his companions to quickly forge ahead towards the Demon Queen's castle. Upon his arrival at the royal abo...
  • Natsume Yuujinchou Go Specials

    2017Year 8.36Score 2875Rating
    Two special episodes bundled in the fourth and fifth volume of the Blu-ray/DVD.